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Flex your debating skills on more serious topics such as world politics, history, religion, racial issues etc. Keep it friendly though!

Interested in discussing your political or religious views? Then this is the forum for you. Civility, respect and tolerance must be maintained at all times. Disagree if you wish, but do not attack other individuals on the basis of their beliefs. Remember there is no right or wrong opinion. Any deletion of combative, bigoted or insensitive comments should not be construed as denial of your individual right to air your own opinion ; we only attempt to maintain an inclusive forum.


One last thing: PLEASE do not copy articles verbatim from other sites or post videos without comment! If you want to quote something, or post a video, fine... say where it comes from, provide a link, and also provide ANALYSIS and INSIGHT of your own. We're here to discuss and debate ideas we actually hold. So make your opinion clear, and remember to do so with civility.

The moderators for this forum are: June7, luv4u, Mars23, OldFriends4Sale.

Note: be sure to read the rules!

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  Sticky: READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST IN P&R Mars23 0 18,068

Oct 21 2009 9:48pm

Sticky: Info Only ATTENTION! Politics & Religion "Thread Flooding" Policy (READ) OldFriends4Sale 0 8,398

Apr 21 2015 6:06am

Sticky: When Threads Are HIDDEN -Please read OldFriends4Sale 0 6,358

Jul 15 2016 5:42am

  Sticky: Politics & Religion Wild Wild West luv4u 0 1,056

Jun 29 2020 6:13pm

  Sticky: Election Day - USA - November 3 luv4u 618 8,520

Today at 12:05amjump to last reply
by IanRG¤

Sticky: Called: Joe Biden is President. 2freaky4church1 583 8,384

Yesterday at 10:46pmjump to last reply
by SexyMuthaF¤

You gotta admit, Make America Great Again was a decent slogan. 2freaky4church1 50 570

Today at 12:20amjump to last reply
by IanRG¤

  Is COVID(19) being used as an 'EXCUSE To STRIP AWAY Civil Liberties/Rights & Freedoms? samuelmcneal 92 1,022

Yesterday at 9:19pmjump to last reply
by JoeyC

  Biden's Incoming Administration - as it develops Milty2 33 320

Yesterday at 7:25pmjump to last reply
by Milty2¤

Affirmative Action fails in California! 2freaky4church1 68 929

Yesterday at 7:01pmjump to last reply
by jjhunsecker¤

Van Jones cries on CNN--pitiful. 2freaky4church1 19 266

Yesterday at 6:48pmjump to last reply
by TrivialPursuit¤

  Kurt Russell: Actors Should Not Get Political, It Hurts The Craft onlyforaminute 118 1,653

Yesterday at 6:27pmjump to last reply
by IanRG¤

  Trump has Covid 19! purplethunder3121 667 11,395

Yesterday at 3:18amjump to last reply
by SexyMuthaF¤

_eorge _oros... OldFriends4Sale 94 2,508

Yesterday at 3:12amjump to last reply
by SexyMuthaF¤

  2020 Presidential Election Part III DiminutiveRocker 826 14,356

Nov 27 2020 11:39amjump to last reply
by PennyPurple

  Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now OldFriends4Sale 30 604

Nov 27 2020 11:02amjump to last reply
by OldFriends4Sale¤

  Democrats/Moderates vs the Squad OldFriends4Sale 50 628

Nov 27 2020 10:41amjump to last reply
by OldFriends4Sale¤

  Transgendered people in sports and other issues pt II OldFriends4Sale 3 90

Nov 27 2020 10:38amjump to last reply
by OldFriends4Sale¤

Cincinnati City Council crooked as shit. 2freaky4church1 10 111

Nov 26 2020 2:37pmjump to last reply
by SexyMuthaF¤

GOP hypocracy on steroids: Sore losers? lol 2freaky4church1 130 1,665

Nov 26 2020 7:41amjump to last reply
by SexyMuthaF¤

  Kyle Rittenhouse OUT on bail PennyPurple 129 1,198

Nov 26 2020 12:51amjump to last reply
by SexyMuthaF¤

  Perfect example of the absuridity of "Black Consevatives" jjhunsecker 246 3,506

Nov 25 2020 11:02pmjump to last reply
by Graycap23

So Who's Ready For 12 Years Of Kamala Harris?!? TonyVanDam 80 1,614

Nov 25 2020 10:49pmjump to last reply
by SexyMuthaF¤

  Trump wants to start a digital media channel to take revenge on Fox News and usurp its audience when he leaves office, r onlyforaminute 25 352

Nov 25 2020 4:42pmjump to last reply
by slyjackson¤

Cry baby Trump loser falls apart on Rush Limbaugh. 2freaky4church1 17 260

Nov 25 2020 1:05pmjump to last reply
by slyjackson¤

Loserville continues. Cry baby, wah wah fake comedian Dennis Miller goes bye bye. 2freaky4church1 3 100

Nov 24 2020 7:45amjump to last reply
by ufoclub¤

Adolph Reed: Most blacks don't get up thinking of killer police. 2freaky4church1 22 272

Nov 23 2020 5:59pmjump to last reply
by SexyMuthaF¤

  How the Navajo Nation helped Democrats win Arizona onlyforaminute 5 148

Nov 22 2020 5:16amjump to last reply
by SexyMuthaF¤

  #MillionMAGAMarch TrivialPursuit 196 2,601

Nov 20 2020 5:39pmjump to last reply
by slyjackson¤

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