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Mental Health (Discuss)

General Discussion 10/19/19 8:39am

CONTROVERSY is Prince’s Greatest Album. There, I said it...

Prince: Music and More 10/19/19 8:20am

... From Here. Astral Projection

Prince: Music and More 10/19/19 7:19am

George Michael at his cutest, Monkey live 1988 (?)

Music: Non-Prince 10/19/19 4:45am

"if I see 11, U can say it's 7"

General Discussion 10/19/19 3:09am

Clinton says Russia is grooming Gabbard to be a third-party candidate

Politics & Religion 10/18/19 2:01pm

Where's the Friday joke thread? 😭😭😭

General Discussion 10/18/19 1:27pm

What's everyone doing for Halloween?

General Discussion 10/18/19 9:40am

Apple pie vs. Pumpkin pie

General Discussion 10/18/19 9:08am

Paisley Park Merch

The Marketplace: For Sale/Trade 10/18/19 8:45am

Emancipation as one disc....

Prince: Music and More 10/18/19 6:55am

PEACH & BLACK PODCAST: New interviews with Sonny T, Morris Hayes, Tony M & Mackenzie

Associated artists & people 10/18/19 4:23am

How the Trump impeachment probe could threaten Ukraine's anti-corruption efforts

Politics & Religion 10/18/19 4:05am

Molly Duncan AWB R.I.P

Music: Non-Prince 10/17/19 10:39pm

The song "Into Dust" - What do the lyrics mean?

Music: Non-Prince 10/17/19 1:24pm

Al Bell Shares the Story Behind "The Most Beautiful Girl ... "

Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 10/17/19 11:20am

Sheila, George Clinton, Bootsy and more - Grammy Salute 10/18 on PBS

Music: Non-Prince 10/17/19 11:15am

Beck's New Album, Hyperspace

Music: Non-Prince 10/17/19 11:07am

Did Anybody Purchase the "Black Leather Symbol Gloves" on Prince's Official Store?

The Marketplace: For Sale/Trade 10/17/19 10:03am

cultural appropriation arguement shut down

Politics & Religion 10/17/19 9:56am

Part II: Purple Rain Deluxe?

Prince: Music and More 10/17/19 9:38am

I Feel For You (Acoustic Demo) 4:30

Prince: Music and More 10/17/19 9:19am

The whole Ellen kurfuffle.

Politics & Religion 10/17/19 8:19am

Question: Some Kind Of Lover with Prince vocals?

Prince: Music and More 10/17/19 6:44am

Purple Rain Maxi 12" Single - Which Issue is best?

Prince: Music and More 10/17/19 4:24am