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They said we were crazy... they said it couldn't be done... and they might actually be right. But we're going to give it a go. We're using the same software as Wikipedia, and we're going to let visitors create what we hope to be the most in-depth, authoritative source for all Prince-related information. Not just the discography, but everything. If we can get reports from every concert he's ever done, we'll do it! Detailed reports about the fan gatherings in Minneapolis! Minutae about his guitar designs! Pictures of the rarest collectible items! It'd be awesome to get it all, and with your help, we can!

If you want to contribute, please do! But also realize that we are trying to create something of value, that is generally unbiased and neutral. So, write as if you were writing an actual encyclopedia (sounds boring, but it's actually kind of fun...) The normal site rules still apply here, and the moderators and editors will be highly intolerant of people adding information that is not in line with the mission of providing an unbiased, useful view into the world of Prince's career and person.

Who's in charge here

A select group of editors help keep things organized and as factual as possible. Contact if things get out of hand.

Interesting topics to get you started

Some good ideas to start documenting... in no particular order... (note: as these get fleshed out, they will become Categories, not pages of links as some are now. To add something to a category, use the
markup within the page).

Hint: to create a new page, ensure you're logged into, and then find a page that would reference the item you want. Then edit that page to write the relevant information referencing your new page. When you put double-square brackets around words, they will become links to a (possibly not-yet-created) page. After saving your edits, you can then follow that link, and start writing the new page. You might want to also check out this YouTube video which is somewhat useful.